#YouTune is the latest development from AmD Tuning

Representing many years of tuning and software enhancements of advanced control systems for engines. With #YouTune you can carry out ECU remapping of your vehicle yourself no matter where you are thanks to our specialised software.


Release your vehicle’s full capability!

No tuning experience required whatsoever – AmD Tuning and #YouTune do the heavy lifting. It’s especially ideal for motor enthusiasts who are unable to call into our workshop for whatever reason. Make no mistake, #YouTune is high tech but it’s as straightforward, versatile and intuitive to use as your smartphone. 

Leading Design

It’s a market leading design because it complies with more vehicle protocols than any other device. Already it is compatible with the majority of European vehicles for which we stock tunes, with additional vehicles added every week.

No Experience Required

AmD Tuning and #YouTune do the heavy lifting. It’s especially ideal for motor enthusiasts who are unable to call into our workshop for whatever reason. Make no mistake, #YouTune is high tech but it’s as straightforward, versatile and intuitive to use as your smartphone.

Grows with your car

The great thing about #YouTune is that you can use it as many times as you want. Even better, you can keep on using in every time you acquire a new vehicle. You can store as many as 10 tunes in it, which means it can keep up with every modification you make.

Release your vehicle’s full capabilities using #YouTune to directly remap its ECU. You decide on the priorities, such as better fuel efficiency or tweaking to extract higher performance.

How it works

Just connect #YouTune to the OBD port in your vehicle using the special USB cable supplied and scan your stock tune direct from the ECU. Once you have sent it to us we will develop software specifically for your vehicle and despatch it right back to you. You can then apply it directly to the ECU in your vehicle with #YouTune via the OBD port.

We are here in the UK and ready to help you

We are an established company with premises here in the UK and a UK phone number. You can rely on us to help you step through the procedure of using #YouTune and advise you on the ins and outs of tuning your vehicle. If you wish, and with your authorisation, we can access your laptop remotely to help you through setting up #YouTune.

Who benefits most?

There are at least 3 types of users and applications (and probably lots more):

Stage 1 enthusiasts. 

These customers appreciate a performance tune and ECU remapping but probably live too far from our workshop to easily drop their vehicle in. Using our device, they can download the map file from the vehicle and send it to us. We modify the file, tune it, and send it back so they can upload it to the ECU themselves. Obviously it’s not as effective as us getting their vehicle onto our dyno for a full tune workout but it does permit us direct access to the file to enhance the ECU tune. It benefits the user better than an off the shelf offering and delivers more satisfactory driving. As such, it’s an excellent midway option and owners can always remove the tune by themselves should the vehicle need to go in for warranty work, for example.

Owners of Stage 2 and Stage 3 modified cars

For everyday driving they want a low power map for safety and reliability but race performance at the track. The owner can safely use standard 95 octane petrol knowing it will not damage the engine. Before heading for the track he can fill up with 101 octane race fuel, wind up the boost and timing, and prep it to his heart’s content. This dual-usage is perfect too for owners with water methanol injection. What we can do is configure a zinging methanol tune, so finely tuned that if the meth were to cut out then the car would go into limp mode. Then add a standard non-meth map as well so the owner can enjoy super non-meth performance too. The beauty of this setup is that the owner can enjoy a non-meth drive all day, then get to the track – upload the super-hot tune directly, switch on the methanol setup and go racing! The Touch Tune can be kept in the car so that if you run out of meth, just upload the standard tune and drive on. No hassles. It offers great flexibility.

Returning customer

Owners who previously had us run a tuning on our dyno but have added extras or want some taken out. Either way, they want a new map to match the new config. It could be that they added a de-cat pipe and want the software changed to turn off the engine management alert light. Without them having to bring the car into us, we can modify their map and send it so they can upload it to the ECU at home.


With our main AmD Tuning webstore you can shop online for our YouTune units along with a huge range of exhaust and performance parts including exhaust and intakes.

To make it easier you can also spread the cost with our interest free options.


  • #YouTune is your very own device enabling you to instantly scan and save maps from your ECU and upload enhanced ones anytime you choose. 

    AmD Tuning came up with it specifically to provide drivers with the capability of installing their tuning software on your car without having to bring it into the workshop.

    With #YouTune you can restore your car to the stock map at a moment’s notice. For example before you sell it, returning it at the end of its lease, or taking it to a dealer.

    #YouTune is future proof too, so you will never need anything else even for new models. It can be configured remotely as frequently as you need it to be modified – and that holds true for any make or model now and in the future. Just plug it into your car’s OBD port.

    One proviso: You must return your car to the stock program before your #YouTune can be used on a different vehicle.

    #YouTune has storage capacity for 10 maps, so you could store configurations such as Stage 1, Stage 1 Pop & and Bang, Stage 2, Stage 2 Shift Boom, Stage 2 hybrid turbo and so on.

    #YouTune enables you to install a customised map from AmD Tuning and that makes it a unique ECU tool.

    #YouTune is child’s play to use. You don’t need additional wiring or loom – just plug it into the OBD port and away you go.

    #YouTune can be stored under the seat, in the boot or glove compartment, on hand any time you want to use it.

  • We carry out all stages of tuning, starting from a Stage 1 remap. That is the most popular request we receive. It extracts the maximum from the original stock unmodified configuration of your vehicle. Safety is a priority when we do this level of remapping to ensure it operates within the tolerances recommended by the manufacturer.

    We use the very latest techniques and technology here at AmD Tuning. That includes a full-featured V-tech Chassis Dynamometer where we configure your software. It delivers high accuracy and makes sure that all aspects such as exhaust gas temps, boost pressures, fuelling and power delivery are all within recommended tolerances.

    Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we strive to deliver perfect reliability every time, while maximising power and performance.

  • Your #YouTune comes with its very own online portal page on our website. This enables you to:

    • Check your credits balance and buy more credits
    • Send us map files to configure and download the modified files for your #YouTune
    • View the history of files sent and downloaded
    • Chat with us to request things like changing your car or tell us about Stage 2 modifications and so on
  • Add-ons are an attractive option available when you buy your #YouTune. This includes the first tune you request, which is worth 10 credits.

    You can select from a whole range of add-ons for your tune and either add them to your purchase now or retain them for future use in another purchase. Each one costs 10 credits, which is the equivalent of £120 including VAT.

    Or buy them any time and include them in any future tune purchase.

    So you could arrange 2 maps to be stored on your #YouTune. One could be just your Stage 1 and the other could be Stage 1 with your add-on (e.g. Pop & Bang). Then you can return your ECU using your #YouTune any time you like and add or remove the add-ons.

    Just plug your #YouTune into your car’s OBD port and load any of the up to 10 stored files from the #YouTune to your ECU.

    • Your first map or first map for a new vehicle (Stage 1, Stage 2, eco, and more)
    • Additional maps for your current car
    • Pop & Bang/Crackle Over Run Map (if applicable to your car)
    • Speed Limiter Removal (if applicable to your car)
    • DPF Delete (you must remove the DPF filter  from its canister)
    • EGR Delete (you must blank the EGR valve)
    • P- code Delete (if applicable to your car)
    • Swirl Flap Delete
    • O2 off/Lambda Delete (if applicable to your car)
    • Hard-cut Limiters (if applicable to your car)
    • Ad-blue Delete (if applicable to your car)
    • VAG Group DSG Remaps
    • Calibration sports display for BMWs

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